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    Marble Nails: A Tutorial

    3rd February 2021

    Marble nails are another massive trend at the moment! There are quite a few different ways to achieve the melty, marbley effect. You can also use whatever colours you fancy!

    Marble nails are a nail art technique which can look far more complex and hard to achieve than they actually are, which is good news for us!

    This tutorial is for gel colours, as the base coat or blooming gel technique is what I have used. The method is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require any skill! I hope you enjoy and that this inspires you to try your own marble nails at home!

    What You'll Need...

    • Black/White Gel Colours (or whatever colours you fancy!)
    • Clear Base Coat or Blooming Gel
    • Clear Top Coat
    • Fine Nail Art Brush
    • Gold Leaf (optional)
    • UV or LED Gel Lamp
    • Gel Cleansing Solution to Remove Tacky Layer

    Paint your base coat on and cure for however long is recommended for your UV/LED lamp. I have used black for this tutorial. White is also lovely, but to be honest you can use any colour you fancy! Black with white and white with black are both traditional marble colours and the finished effect is fab!

    Now cover with a medium layer of clear base coat, or blooming gel if you have one. This layer needs to be medium thickness, as it will act to make the marble effect and will spread the colour. If you don’t apply enough it won’t spread, if you apply too much it will spread too far and look smokey rather than marbled. DO NOT CURE!

    Dip lightly into the marble colour (I have chosen white for this tutorial), with a fine nail art brush and begin to draw a line in whatever pattern you fancy, on top of the uncured base coat. The gel will spread out and the marble effect will take shape. Google marble patterns for inspiration and just copy those! Cure this layer after 30-60 seconds or when it has spread enough for you.

    Dip very lightly into the marble colour you have chosen once again, and add small lines of colour on top of the spread out gel. This creates the stark marble effect. Cure this layer for as long as is recommended for your lamp.

    Add top coat and cure. If you like a plain marble effect, remove the tacky layer once cured and there you go! You can add extra effects such as gold leaf or glitter or another pop of colour, if you wish. I will take you through that next step, with some gold leaf below. If not, I hope you enjoyed this and check out my other blogs and tutorials here!

    If you want to add gold leaf, once you have added clear top coat, do not cure. Get small pieces of gold leaf and place them along the marble lines, this is an effect seen in real marble, and can be replicated well here. Once the gold leaf meets the top coat it will break up a bit and become more moveable so you can create the line you want. Cure the top coat and there you have your marble nails!

    Lots of love,
    S&G x

    Lots of love, S&G x