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    Easter Nails

    22nd February 2021

    Just a brief one this week! Had to do some nails in homage to my FAVOURITE EASTER EAT… Creme Egg!

    I tried a new technique I’ve never tried before; foiling. But it wasn’t the foiling that most nail techs are doing at the moment… I have literally incorporated the foil wrapper from my Creme Egg. Hey, you can’t say it’s not authentic!

    Foil Nails
    Foil Nails

    Foil Nails

    This was such a simple technique, I feel bad even calling it a technique!

    This was my process;

    • Unwrap the foil from the Creme Egg
    • Eat the Creme Egg
    • Choose the best part of the foil, for the nail and ensure there is enough to cover the whole nail
    • Paint a thin coat of base coat onto nail
    • Lay the foil piece on the nail and cut edges away
    • Cure under gel lamp
    • Cover with more base coat for a nice, thick, clear glass-like covering
    • Use top coat and cure!
    Creme Egg Nail

    Creme Egg Nail

    The hardest part of this one was getting the chocolate colour!

    I used 5 colours in the end and painted about 12 coats! But I think we got there in the end. I just used the same colour I finally settled on, and added a tiny bit of black to darken it.

    I painted the chocolate colour onto the nail until it was as thick as I wanted it. I then went in with a fine nail art brush and carefully painted the Creme Egg pattern – just google a Creme Egg for inspiration!

    I then just dropped the white gel on and allowed it to run and create an authentic drip like shape and did the same with my orange gel on top!

    Creme Egg Nail
    Glitter Nails
    Glitter Nails

    Glitter Nails

    I chose two glitter nails to compliment the Creme Egg nails.

    You could also use plain gel, or a metallic colour to match the foil. It is completely up to you!

    I selected a red as close to the Creme Egg red as I could get and also a lovely yellow gold glitter gel to match the yellow colour on the Creme Egg wrapper.

    I really love this set of Easter Nails!

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    Lots of love,
    S&G x

    Lots of love, S&G x