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    Client Consent Form

      Your details

      Do you have any known allergies?

      Are you allergic to acrylic or any type of plastic?

      Have you had acrylic or gel nail extensions/gel colour or any nail treatments before?

      Have you ever had a reaction to any beauty or nail treatments?

      Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

      It is not deemed unsafe to get occasional nail treatments during pregnancy. However, it is a treatment which can involve chemicals, UV, strong fumes etc. Each person and pregnancy is different, therefore it is up to you and your medical practitioner to decide if it safe for you to carry out the treatment. By attending the appointment, you are accepting any risk. Sass and Gloss will do their utmost to minimise. Sass and Gloss only use qualified and trained staff who use safe, regulated practises and superior hygiene.

      Do you have any health conditions that I should be aware of?

      COVID-19 Information and Guidance

      When carrying out our services, we have adapted to new methods of working to do our utmost to keep clients safe during this time.

      New Measures in Place;

      • All appointments must be with 48 hours notice, unless specifically discussed with Holly.

      • Please bring minimal personal belongings with you.

      • Hand washing to take place upon arrival.

      • PPE must be worn by both nail technician and client during the appointment, a mask will be sufficient for this.

      • The process of nail application is already very sterile, with many cleansing stages. However, additional sterilisation precautions may take place; sterilisation of tools at all times, space in between clients to fully sterilise workstation, etc.

      • Ensure you arrive on time for your appointment. As mentioned above I must thoroughly sterilise in-between clients and any lateness will have a knock-on effect on other clients. If you are more than 15 minutes late I reserve the right to cancel the appointment. If a deposit was taken this is non-refundable.

      • As per Test and Trace government guidelines, client contact details must be taken by Sass and Gloss and stored for 21 days, by which point the risk of transmission from this appointment, will have passed.

      • Additional ventilation in the form of open windows or doors, where possible.

      The following symptoms are common signs of Coronavirus. It is important that you do not attend your appointment if you have had any of them, however mild, in the last 7 days;

      • A new continuous cough

      • A high temperature

      • A loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell

      I have had one or more of the above symptoms in the last 7 days

      If yes, please contact Holly to book another appointment for a minimum of 14 days in the future.

      Please provide your telephone number to be kept by Sass and Gloss for 21 days for Test and Trace purposes. After 21 days this will be destroyed in a way that does not risk unintended access (e.g. shredding paper documents and ensuring permanent deletion of electronic files).